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Posted on 04.21.2010 at 21:59
Wow, I haven't posted in forever! Thanks to Facebook, and laziness.

I'm still vegan.

I don't run every day anymore because I was thinking, when I get a fulltime job, I'd have a difficult time adapting myself to not running daily. I WAS doing every other day, 4mi 4mi 5mi 7mi. Now I just do 2-3 days a week plus some cardio routine.

I just started INSANITY. It's an intense workout that's killing me =)

No job yet.. just temp stuff and volunteer work.

I guess that's a good enough update ;)

Does anyone still use this thing?

Thanks to a faltering economy, consumption of animal products is way down in China. The chairman of the country’s top factory farming company says, “We thought agriculture products would be spared from the financial crisis: we were wrong.” The same is occurring in the United States. 1% of Americans say they don't eat meat at all and 26% say they have cut down.

A commodity analyst chimes in: “Declining income will definitely have an impact on food consumption, especially for meat and meat products.”

The global financial crisis is certainly causing much human hardship, but it’s also preventing great amounts of animal suffering.



Posted on 02.05.2009 at 16:03
I got the cutest little 2 inch mp3 player today. I wanted a small one for when I run. It's 4gb.. I haven't tried it yet, it's still charging.


Quote of the day

Posted on 02.05.2009 at 16:01
February 05, 2009

Quote of the Day
"It is necessary to try to surpass oneself always; this occupation ought to last as long as life."
– Queen Christina

Posted on 02.03.2009 at 18:25
I've been on a spice food kick for over a week. I've been through 1/2 bottle of hot sauce, 2 jars of chili and just made my 3rd batch of curry in 3 weeks. I love the whole-mouth burning sensation, but it's killing the flavor of other foods for me! I could probably count my remaining taste buds on one hand! LOL!

I want this necklace! It's the molecule for Capsaisin!

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